Genshin Impact- How To Unlock Under The Umbrella’s Shade

Genshin ImpactNews flash explorers, the much-awaited upgrade is here in Genshin Impact 3.0 and we are pretty sure you were all eager to explore what new and amazing shall the creator appease its large fanbase with. So hold down your seat coz as much as you have wanted, Genshin Impact is going to give you way more than that. With brand new domains, new upgrades, cool new skills, new challenges, and talent boosts. We are going to give you the whole list and along with that, we will definitely guide you on how to unlock the Umbrella Shade’s domain.

How To Unlock Under The Umbrella’s Shade Domain At Genshin Impact

First of all, welcome to the whole new world of the umbrella domain. The new domain comes with the fungus challenge. You will receive 40 primogems, talent upgrade materials, 5x Dendro sigils, and other common items if you unlock and complete them. You’ll need to solve the problem and learn how to access the Umbrella domain before you can do anything else.

The domain is located in Sumeru’s Rainforest Area in the Mawtiyima Forest. And it’s all about a fungus-infested forest around you. Unlocking the domain would need you to solve the Dendro monument puzzle. As the name suggests you have to unlock 5 pillars in the correct order to unlock the doors to the new domain. So the bigger question is how to do it.

Collect a dendrograna nearby and select a Dendro character and aim at the like of rocks to dismantle the cover and unravel the mystery behind it i.e. 5th Totem or Monument. You can’t light any Totems or monuments like we used to do earlier. In this particular area, we will need to follow the dendro lights on the ground near the monuments and light it in order. The domain shall open its doors to you.

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