Genshin Impact- How To Unlock Fragment Of Childhood Dreams

Genshin ImpactNo wonder, Genshin Impact is brilliant with its storyline and its new worlds, and definitely, it’s much worked on intricate details. It’s all that would make a player immerse within it. This time with a new guide for the Fragment of Childhood Dreams domain that’s yet another domain of the Genshin Impact and we understand that you are all eager to access in and explore the brand new domain and what it holds for you.

How To Unlock Fragment Of Childhood Dreams Domain At Genshin Impact

The new domain will really keep you intrigued and here’s a small back story that shall answer your questions arising. This domain was once a forest kid’s utopian dreamland, built based on how other kids would portray the woods. The forest was enormous in their memories, like the planet itself. Like fate itself, the forest was incredibly deep. For the domain to unlock follow the below steps.

Players need to teleport to one of the Statue of Seven located at Vissudha Field, Sumeru. Once they have arrived at the waterfall, players can glide downward while facing the falls in order to locate two Ruin Sentinels. After then, in order to open and activate a neighboring Mechanism, players must fight those two Ruin sentinels. The Seelie can then be followed to the waterfall’s terminus by players. The Seelie will finally lead you to a cave where a Seelie pillar will be activated.

Genshin ImpactPlayers need to use a Dendro attack just on a neighboring rock to unveil the Dendrograna Tree as shown in the image above, which, when interacted with, will drop Dendrograna. Players need to activate all 4 dendro totems in the cave in order to unlock the cube which will show that the treasure is located below.

Once finished, descend down and advance through the path where the cube lies. At the end of the path when you have to glide down, you will notice a platform beneath where you can stand and activate the Dendro sigils in order to unveil the entrance to the Childhood Dreams realm, which players can then access it.

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