Genshin Impact- How To Lower Water Levels In Apam Woods

Genshin ImpactOnce you have completed the World Quests and unlocked Varanara in Genshin Impact, the progression had lead you to learn the song “Rhythm of the Source Water“. This is crucial because it can change the weather and the water level which we require to be lowered can be possible due to this. Let’s learn how to do that and where we can use the Rhythm of the Source Water.

How To Lower Water Levels In Apam Woods For Genshin Impact

Genshin ImpactAs you have obtained the “Rhythm of the Source Water“, the next thing that needs to be done is to reach the exact location as shown in the image above. There would be a root near the four-leaf sigil, which can alter the weather as we may seem.

Before us would be water filled area on a bright sunny day. Who will even suspect that anything is wrong with Sunny weather? What more can happen when you change the weather to Rainy, might be the water level can rise more. Well, here we are wrong. In rainy weather, the water level will go down as the water is drained somewhere else. Similarly, during Sunny, the water level will rise.

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