Genshin Impact Find The Branch Together With Aranakula

Genshin Impact

Sometimes during the quest in Genshin Impact, players need to find a place in a certain area. These certain areas are marked in yellow color to the mini-map and you need to scout the whole area. It may take some time as you might have no idea what you are looking for. Similarly in one of the subquests find the branch together with Aranakula, players might get confused. Below you will find what you are looking for and where to find it.

Genshin Impact Where To Find The Branch Together With Aranakula

In the sub-quest “find the branch together with Aranakula” you need to look for a place within the yellow zone. Now a lot of players might get confused with the title and look for the place in the trees and somewhere up.

You need to go to the southwest part of the edge of the yellow zone where you will find a cliff. On the bottom of the cliff, you will find a four-leaf sigil to which you can fly. There near the sigil, at the bottom of the cliff, you will find a cave. You need to enter the cave to find the branch.

After that, you need to make the three leaves turn towards the branch. For this, you need to find the Seelie, which will take you to all three leaves. Once you reach near the leaves interact with them, to rotate them. After successfully rotating all the leaves towards the branch you need to talk to Aranakula to complete the quest. To rotate all the leaves in the correct position you need to rotate the first leaf once, the second leaf twice and the third leaf once.

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