Genshin Impact- Connect All Four Relays In The Middle Quest

Genshin ImpactIn Genshin Impact, the Vimana Agama World Quest line has a sub-quest that involves a puzzle in Jazari’s Chapter. The sub-quest involves us activating the relays and to do that, we will have to place the gems on the power system. Well, it was just the beginning and you can say it was a tutorial phase as the real deal is when we had to connect all four relays in the middle quest. In this guide, we have featured an easy walkthrough to complete the puzzle in a few minutes.

How To Connect All Four Relays In The Middle Quest At Genshin Impact

Teleport to the waypoint i.e. at Ardravi Valley, Sumeru if you have unlocked it. Use Four Leaf Sigil and reach the entrance of the cabin door. Inside you will need to activate the four relays. The quest might have seemed easy at the beginning as in the tutorial phase but now it wasn’t fun anymore after endlessly running up and down.

As the elevator is powered up, go to the middle level using the elevator. Till now, you have no gems. At the middle level, go to the marked location and draw the gem from one of the power systems.

  • Gem Obtained: 1

Use the gem at the location where the wall is inscribed to open and draw another gem from the power system. Do not forget to draw out the first gem i.e. placed in the lock.

  • Gem Obtained: 2

Unlock the gate that requires 2 gems to open. Inside you will find another gem laying on the ground in front of the power system.

  • Gem Obtained: 3

Unlock the gate that requires 3 gems to open. You will find another gem that should be lying down on the ground in front of the power system. Use that to place in the power system and backtrack placing each Gem on the remaining power system.

  • Gem Remaining: 3

Open the gate that needs 2 gems, and place the third gem on the power system.

  • Gem Remaining: 2

Draw the 2 gems and go to the inscribed wall where you will place 1 gem to reveal the power system. Place the gem on the power system and the last gem on the final power system.

Follow the above steps and you are guaranteed to solve the tedious puzzle. Defeat the Black Serpent Knight who has been summoned and then talk to Jazari. Finally, you have successfully cleared the sub-quest i.e. connect all four relays in the middle. For more informative guides on Genshin Impact, click on the link that has been mentioned below the description:

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