Genshin Impact Activated, Scorched Starshroom Location

Genshin Impact

In Genshin Impact Starshroom is a food item that can be found in the mines of the Chasm and in the Sumeru region. These can be used to craft the Forest Watcher’s Choice and Mushroom Hodgepodge. There are three types of Starshroom which are:

  • Starshroom – Heals 300 HP
  • Activated Starshroom – Heals 800 HP
  • Scorched Starshroom – Heals 1 HP

Below you will find where and how to find the activated and scorched Starshroom.

Gesnhin Impact Activated Starshroom Location

In the region of Sumeru, you can find various materials collecting Aranara. Some of these Aranara will ask to fetch Vibrant Starshroom in return for some rewards. The Vibrant Starshroom can be found on the northwest side of Vissudha Field. In that location, you will also find one of the bosses called Jadeplume Terrorshroom.

While there are some other areas such as Old Vanarana. While exploring the Sumeru region, if you find any yellow color mushrooms, pick them up to get the Starshroom. To get the activated Starshroom you need to hit the Starshroom with any electro ability. After hitting it with an electro ability you need to pick up the mushroom within 10 seconds else it will revert back to normal Starshroom.

Genshin Impact How To Get Scorched Starshroom

To get the Scorched Starshroom you just need to hit the normal Starshroom with any pyro ability. There is currently no use for the Scorched Starshroom. If you have mistakenly used pyro ability normal Starshroom and converted it into Scorched Starshroom, you can try to use the Dendro ability on them to revert them back to normal.

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