Soul Hackers 2- How To Level Up Fast

Soul Hackers 2Soul Hackers 2 is an RPG and JRPG where we all know that leveling up matters the most if you want to unlock all the skills and abilities. The level system allows your character to master skills after you have achieved enough combat or story experience. It does not hurt to know how to level up fast so that you can decimate the enemies and improve the stats. Even if you are in an early game or late game, leveling up fast is always important and therefore we have compiled a small guide to give you some pointers on how to do it.

How To Level Up Fast At Soul Hackers 2

The best way to level up and the highest Exp rewards gained from all the methods will be from advancing through story missions. Sorry to disappoint you if you were looking for another answer but that’s how the game is designed. However, leveling up faster is essential to unlocking higher levels at Soul Matrix.

Soul Level of the characters or your party members unlocks many features. Let’s talk about Soul Matrix, to participate in the higher level you will have to reach certain levels as the difficulties would be much higher and so is the reward. Participate in Soul Matrix and complete it in order to level up which will help you pass through the main storyline conveniently.

Side Quests

The side quest offers not much but still enough to increase your Soul Level substantially. According to the time it takes to complete a side quest is quite low and the rewards compensated are fair enough compared to the work done.

Soul Matrix Or Dungeons

In the Soul Matrix, you will encounter powerful foes and these higher-level enemies are called Risky Demons; defeating them will grant you double the Exp. The problem is the spawn had to be more frequent and faster if we were farming. Well, there’s a solution i.e. buy and consume “Varja Sara Udon“. The Rosky Demons will spawn at a faster rate which will allow a nice farming spot. Now we need an area to farm and nothing’s better than “Subway Line 14” at a mid-late game.

Relationship Quest

You can increase and improve the Rapport of the characters and their relationship with each other. Hangout Events which would have unlocked from the very beginning need to be grinded. Unlock the events at Bar Heidrun by activating the Demon Recon. As the name suggests, demons would be sent to specific territories for a lookout and recon. Hangout Events are necessary as the Exp earned are considerably high.

Generally, Soul Levels are essential to apply all the game mechanics at full throttle. Demon Fusion Abilities, which works when Ringo’s Level is high compared to the compatible demons who are getting fused. Negotiating with demons is quite unique and if you need a higher success rate then all you need is to level up and be on another level compared to them.

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