Soul Hackers 2 How To Get Mistiques

Soul Hackers 2

Soul Hackers 2 is an action role-playing supernatural game developed by Atlus. In this game you have can have a party size upto four characters. Each character have their own COMP and with unique abilities. Apart from these you also able to control some supernatural elements and infuse them with COMP to make your party more stronger.

These demons have abilities of their own and once you keep leveling up these demons, they will unlock and learn more abilities and in return will give you gifts.

Soul Hacker 2 How To Get Mistiques

Mistiques in this game are added to your COMP, at the beginning of the game you can only equip one Mistiques per COMP but later can be upgraded by visiting a COMP smith.

The best way to obtain Mistiques is by leveling up your demons and once they learn all their elemental skills, they will grant you a Mistique. So make sure you obtain all the demons you can or forge a contract with them to level them up and obtain various different Mistiques.

As you keep progressing in the game, you will have to fight with stronger enemies. To defeat these enemeis you need to make your party stronger by increasing their level, upgrading COMP, leveling up demons and using Mistques. There are different types of Mistiques that buffs your skills which are:

  • Arcana – Decrease Mana Consumption.
  • Augment – Increase Skill Power
  • Burst – Increase Skill Power When Used Against Enemy Weakness
  • Boost – Increase Skill Power But Also Mana Consumption

Mistiques are elemental skills enhancer that increase a character affinities in the certain element. Each character gets a grade on the elements they are good with or other elements that can be your character weakness. Some of the high level Mistiques requires some criteria to fulfill before you can equip them such as a certin grade of element affinity.

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