Soul Hackers 2 How To Get Incense & Aromatic Wood

Soul Hackers 2

In Soul Hackers 2, characters in this game command various different types of demons that will assist you on the battlefield. You can find new demons by exploring the dungeon or by forging a contract with them and paying some coins. To make these demons stronger you need to level them up, apart from leveling up there are other items that can be used to increase their stats permanently. These items are called Incense, and below you will find out how to obtain them.

Soul Hackers 2 How To Get Incenses

Incenses are items that can be used to increase your demon stats. There are five different stats of your demons which are Strength, Vitality, Magic, Agility, and Luck. As there are five different stats of your demon, there are five different types of incense that increase these five different stats.

The best way to obtain Incense is by purchasing or trading by visiting Lina at Yoyojo in the Mansei Realm. There you will be able to purchase these incenses in return for 1000 coins but you will need to give Aromatic wood x2.

While making coins can be easy by completing quests and exploring the dungeons, finding the Aromatic wood and Aromatic woodchip can be quite tricky. The best way to obtain these Aromatic wood is by finding risky enemies.

Sometimes you find these risky enemies roaming around in the dungeon. These enemies will be different from your regular enemies and might appear in purple or violet color. You won’t be able to use your slash attack on these risky enemies.

Defeating these risky enemies can be quite difficult but if your party level is high enough and quite strong, after defeating them you will obtain Aromatic Wood. These risky enemies’ weaknesses are hidden from the starting like all the bosses and mini-bosses and you need to find them out during the battle. If you couldn’t find Aromatic wood by defeating these risky enemies, then you need to find some high-level risky enemies and try to defeat them.

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