Soul Hackers 2- How To Farm Money Fast

Soul Hackers 2In Soul Hackers 2 the in-game currency is Yen. We need money in every aspect of the game whether it requires any purchase or an upgradation. Whatever the game offers, we need to be fast and efficient even when leveling up or earning money fast. In this guide, we have explained what you need to do if you are in short of money or need to be loaded with Yen in-game.

How To Farm Money Fast At Soul Hackers 2

Demon Recon

The best and easiest way is where you don’t even have to do anything much. The Demons will explore the specific areas and they will bring resources that include money. Even Demons offer money which is not a main-frame method but a nice side earning.

Side Quests

The small quests that are not related to the main story however have a more lenient payout. Guess our clients are rich! To do such quests, you will need to visit Club Cretaceous where all the requests are placed. The best thing is that you can see the rewards before picking up any side quest, so whatever your need is can be fulfilled.


The best way to farm money is to enter the dungeon and defeat the enemies. There might be chances that you encounter a Rare Demon that has a yellowish-pixeled aura on his body. Better defeat him fast, as they can run away quickly. Even if you approach they will try to avoid you.

Apart from that in the Dungeon, you can farm Exp and money from all types of enemies. Enemies drop resources or loot that can be sold in shops which is extra cash basically as you are already awarded money and Exp from eliminating them. Do not leave Bounty from the equation too.

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