OneBit Adventure- How To Complete All Secret Achievement Easily

OneBit Adventure

OneBit Adventure is a Roguelike-Indie, RPG game i.e. developed and published by Galactic Slice. As every game has achievements/Trophies to solidify their progress or actions committed in-game. There are secret achievements that are locked and cannot be viewed by the players, it will unlock once you have performed a specific task. What are those specific tasks? In this guide, we have explained and mentioned all the secret achievement lists that you will unlock by the time we are done with y’all.

How To Complete All Secret Achievements Easily At OneBit Adventure

To complete all the secret achievements and enjoy the rewards you will need to perform the tasks as said.

Secret Achievements List

Tutorial has a secret– Play Tutorial after creating a new character. Instead of going for the key and opening the door, walk opposite to it on the left side where at the top, two trees can be seen. Reach out to the leftmost tree which will transform into an Evil Tree that needs to be killed. Finding it will unlock the achievement.

Can death defeat death?– Equip necromancer and once reaper spawns, go towards him and let him hit you. Instant Transcend into the Reaper and pass all 75 turns to return to normal which will complete the achievement.

Kill a greedy Goblin- Kill the goblin whose eyes have a red glow and contain at least 20 Gold coins.

Someone was here before me?- Open an empty Chest.

The almighty one- Complete all other secrets to get this achievement and an Ostrich.

Mortal curiosity- Make Cyclops or Minotaur push you to the bottom of the screen and let you kill. (The game allows you to go top, not bottom)

Who’s the boss now!- As a Necromancer turn or transcend into any boss when their HP is low.

I’m so sorry! I didn’t mean to!- Fight against Cthulhu and make sure that his tentacles hit Morgana once who is locked behind the cage. Just move to the top next to Morgana and dodge, one of the tentacles will surely hit after a few attempts.

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