Genshin Impact- All 3 Sumeru City Luxurious Chest Location

Genshin Impact

In Genshin Impact, once you unlock the Sumeru region, it’s time to explore and complete missions. Apart from all that, there are Precious Chests and Luxurious Chests hidden or placed in such areas that can be missed if you are not on the lookout. Even if you missed some, we didn’t miss any of the chests located in Sumeru City. If you want a quick look to know where all the 3 Luxurious Chests and 2 Precious Chests are located then give a quick glance at this guide.

All 3 Sumeru City Luxurious Chest Location At Genshin Impact

Luxurious ChestThe first Luxurious Chest can be found pretty easily inside the “The Akademiya“. Cross the fountain and drop down from the right side of the stairs. Beside the stair, you will find the 1st Luxurious Chest as shown in the image above.

Genshin ImpactGenshin ImpactRun till you reach where the guards are standing at the Sanctuary of Surasthana. From that platform jump down and use your wing to float and descend slowly. Now the 2nd Luxurious Chest is hidden pretty nicely under the root as shown in the image above i.e. placed just under the platform of Sanctuary of Surasthana.

Genshin ImpactLuxurious ChestNow the 3rd Luxurious Chest is also hidden pretty nicely on the thick branches of the Tree. Instead of entering the Sanctuary of Surasthana, you climb the building and go on climbing till you reach the peak of the branches and look around for the chest that will be placed on one of the top branches as shown in the image.

2 Precious Chest Location

Genshin ImpactExplore Sumeru City, and go down to “Treasures Street“. As shown in the map above, you will find the 1st Precious Chest hidden under the stairs.

Precious ChestAt the Teleport Waypoint near the Sanctuary of Surasthana in Sumeru City, you will have to take a few steps to obtain the hidden Precious Chest. Jump down advancing forward straight towards the Teleport Waypoint as shown on the map to find the 2nd Precious Chest.

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