Tower Of Fantasy How To Change Servers

Tower Of Fantasy

Tower of fantasy has definitely been the reality stock puller for its fans although with the anime graphics and immersive characters but with real-time gameplay. And one of the big examples of that is the massive amount of time gamers have to wait in order to reroll, level, and upgrade the characters or catalyze them with collectibles and add-ons. It can really be an adrenaline quench and a brutal patience test.

Tower Of Fantasy How To Change Servers

Just to break the waiting stigma, players have an amazing way out. They can change servers and play the game in a different one. There isn’t a variation in gameplay between servers, however because of the excitement and the number of people trying to play simultaneously, some servers will have players wait in a line while others will let them get right into the action. Yet we would rate switching servers in Tower of Fantasy, as a rather straightforward procedure, just follow the below steps :

  1. The title screen, which features Nemesis gazing up at the sky, will get players in after they log in and start the game, click anywhere to start the game from here.
  2. Then choose the server’s name that appears above it. Players can select whatever Tower of Fantasy server they prefer from a popup that displays a selection of regional servers.
  3. The player must make a new avatar for that server once the opening cutscene plays after entering a new server. Unfortunately, characters and any associated purchases made on one’s account cannot be moved to another server.
What To Avoid

We would definitely advise you to look for the server indicators, where green indicates a free-to-play server and orange and red indicate moderately crowded and overcrowded servers respectively. It can be a bit unfortunate for players who have progressed to Navia or invested a sizable sum of real-world money to just abandon everything they’ve done. Luckily, their accomplishment will be kept on the former server, although it is clearly not ideal for making progress when switching to a different server, particularly one that is located in the same area. So even if you have proceedings in the wrong server with a good build character make sure you make no more progress. Yet this feature proofs to be a beneficial one to some while a redundant one as well. Let’s wait for the developers to add on some better ones soon.

Note: If you already have a character on a server,  it is not possible to transfer the character between the server. If you change the server, you need to make a new character.

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