Genshin Impact Unlock Sumeru Underwater Teleport Waypoint

Genshin Impact

In Genshin Impact to fully complete the Sumeru area 100% and to traverse through the big area easily, you need to activate all the teleport waypoints. One such waypoint you will come across is in the middle of a lake that will be underwater. As there are no means to dive in this game, players need to find a way to lower the water level and activate the waypoint.

Genshin Impact How To Unlock Underwater Teleport Sumeru

First, you need to reach the lake and get to the top of the waterfall which will be a cave. Inside the cave, you need to interact with a cube and the camera will show you outside the waterfall. You need to get inside the cave into the tunnel and keep going forward.

There you will find four leaf sigil that you need to use and cross the platform. Below that Sigil, there will be a totem that you need to activate using the Dendro ability. After activating the totem, use the sigil and you will find another totem to activate.

After that drop down from the platform towards the locked cube and you will find breakable rocks with a green glowing light coming out from the middle. You need to break two of these rocks and activate the totem. After that, the locked cube will be unlocked with which you need to interact to lower the water level. Once the water level is lowered you will be able to activate the teleport waypoint.

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