Genshin Impact Sorry To Hear Or Congratulation Raunak Choice

Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact is an action role-playing game developed by miHoYo that recently got a massive update of 3.0 unlocking new areas and content for players to explore. With a new area, there are a plethora of quests that traveler need to complete to progress in his or her journey.

During your exploration, you will come across a quest where you need to gain the trust of Dori who has immense treasure and can get you any item that you can buy with Mora, but her prices are way too high.

You need to gain the trust of Dori to find out about an item that was stolen. She doesn’t speak with everyone, so you will have to interact with her informant called Raunak. He will ask you a series of tricky questions that won’t make much sense but you need to choose the correct answer to gain his trust. Below you will find how to gain Raunak Trust and correct answer to gain trust.

Genshin Impact Increase Raunak Trust

The first question he will ask is that “Please forgive me, but we may not have sufficient stock for you today. Earlier, many of our Harra Fruits were taken by mice.” The correct answer will be “Congratulation to you”. 

The second question is “You look like you have some skill. Why don’t I pick out some fruits that’ll make you dizzy? The answer will be “Dizziness with a side of tinnitus, please”.

The third question is “Would you like your Harra Fruits to be packaged in the Sumeru City or Port Ormos style? The answer will be “Port Ormos Style”.

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