Genshin Impact How To Reach Sumeru & Use Four Leaf Sigil Plant

Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact just recently got a massive update of version 3.0 with various new content for players to discover. One new area is also added for players to explore called Sumeru. In this area, you will also find a new type of plant called “Four Leaf Sigil” which will help you travel and explore the Sumeru area easily. Below you will find how to reach the new Sumeru area and how to use the Four Leaf Sigil.

Genshin Impact How To Reach Sumeru

To reach the new Sumeru area you need to have your character above adventure level 35. You should also complete all the archon quests of chapter 2. You will only be able to reach Sumeru if you get the quest of chapter 3 act 1 called “A Forest Of Change”.

Once you get this quest you need to visit the Chasm area and teleport your way to the Cinnabar Cliff. You need to jump down the cliff towards a wooden bridge, under the bridge on the right side you will find a teleport waypoint and a tunnel to reach the Sumeru area.

Genshin Impact How To Use Four Leaf Sigil Plant

Once you reach the new area Sumeru, you will get a tutorial about the four-leaf sigil. You can use connect with the sigil from a distance and fly towards it. It is a great way to traverse around the area and reach some difficult places easily. To use the Four Leaf Sigil, you need to press T on the keyboard, LB, and X on the Xbox controller, and L1, and X on the Playstation.

Sometimes you need to hit the flower with your Dendro ability to reveal the Four Leaf Sigil. You can use the Sigil from a long distance, it will show you a thorn vine in a circle on top of it if you are within the range. Dendro is the new element in Genshin impact that you will get in the Sumeru area.

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