Genshin Impact Help Tighnari Clear The Withering Zone

Genshin Impact

In Genshin Impact the dreadful withering zones are the corrupt zones where some sort of mysterious and ominous power resides that affect the traveler and your party members. While you are inside the withering zone you will keep accumulating decay and once enough decay is spread, your and party members’ stats and HP will decrease. When the decay meter is full all your party members will fall. Inside the withering zones, you can find candles of life and flames of life that will decrease your accumulation of decay. Below you will find how to clear the withering zones.

Genshin Impact How To Clear The Withering Zone

To clear the Withering zone first of all players need to find the Dendrograna. These Dendrograna are the particles of light that will help you destroy the withering zone corrupt branches and reveal the tumor.

Once you enter the withering zone, look for the bug with green glowing light. Once you hit the bud, three glowing particles will surround you. Now to destroy the middle corrupt tumor, you need to first weaken its core.

To weaken the core, you need to find the three corrupted branches near it and hit them with your charged attack. When you hit them with your charged attack, one of the Dendrograna particles will fly towards it and destroys it. These corrupt branches are like a single branch coming out of the ground with a small bud on top with glowing red light.

Once you destroy all the corrupt branches, a corrupt enemy will spawn near the main branch. You need to defeat the enemy and then interact with the main corrupt branch to destroy the tumor of the withering.

Note: In the other withering zones if you are not able to find any healthy Dendrograna, you need to play the Rhythm of the Sprout near a sprouting branch to summon healthy Dendrograna that can destroy the corrupt branches.

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