Genshin Impact Collect Phantasmal Seeds Quest

Genshin Impact

In Genshin Impact to start the phantasmal seed quest players need to find the arch and play the Vintage Lyre “Rhythm of the Great Dream”. Once the arch is activated, players will be given the challenge to collect 15 particles within a given time. Below you will find how to complete the phantasmal seed quest and some tips.

Genshin Impact How To Complete Phantasmal Seed Quest

Well, the challenge seems to be easy, but it is not, as you will have only 1min 30 seconds to collect all 15 particles and they will not near each other. You also need to dodge enemies because if you get hit by them, your timer reduces drastically. As these obstacles are not in your favor there are some things you can do to avoid these.

While trying to collect particles you will come across some glowing bluish-purple flowers. These are called dream flowers, and if you stand within its radius, enemies won’t be able to attack you. Hitting these flowers with your electro ability will highlight the particles for you a bit which will be easier to find.

A few things you need to remember, not to fight with the enemies, you also need to save up some of your stamina to dodge enemies that are going to attack you. If you find a lot of enemies near you, make sure to get inside the barrier of dream flower and you will exit combat. Collecting particles also increase your timer.

Once you complete the challenge you will obtain Primogems x10, Dendro Sigils x3, and Exp x30. Some particles can be far from each other, if you are not able to find the particle, look for any sigil nearby and use it to find the particle.

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