Tower Of Fantasy- How To Open And Unearth Singularity Rocks

Tower Of FantasyIn Tower Of Fantasy, there is a new statue that resembles the Atlas that can be found all around Aesperia. This statue is known as Singularity rock and if you are new to this game or even a veteran all will have the same question. How to open these singularity rocks? Even if the hint is given that it requires a certain relic to unearth and levitate, it is fairly tough to decipher if you are new to the game. Therefore we have compiled this guide especially to learn how to open the Singularity’s Rock and collect the content inside.

How To Open And Unearth Singularity Rocks In Tower Of Fantasy

To open and unearth the Singularity Rocks, you will need a Relic known as Strange Cube. For all the veterans, they have already unlocked it and for the new beginners, you can unlock it after completing the Ruin A-02 in Astra. Strange Cube has a cooldown of 30 seconds. All you need to do is blow the globe out of the statue’s hand and reveal the type of Nuclei you have obtained. Is it a gold or black nucleus? Jump and collect your reward to move on and continue your exploration.

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