Thymesia- How to Respec All Stats

ThymesiaThymesia is a grueling action RPG, developed by the OverBoard Studio, where you need to play a mysterious character named Corvus. This is a bit challenging which gives opportunities to level up your character by upgrading the 3 stats in the early stage of the game but if you want to maximize it later, you should decide to respec; which means, exchanging some extra Health for more Damage or gain some additional Energy for using Plague weapons. The item for respec can be obtained only in 1 way. If you have found out the way, it is well and good, nevertheless, this is the guide which will help you to do so. So, without any further ado, lets get started.

How to Respec All Stats In Thymesia

Let me tell you what respec is. It is a short form used for the word re-specialize basically used in the gaming and professional world, which means to reallocate the distribution of skill points on a characters skill tree, changing their specialization.

The first and foremost thing you need to handle is how to get an item named Forgotten Feather in order to respec. Well, to be frank, getting these is not a child’s play. You need to defeat bosses at the end of the levels. Thus, it is limited unless you farm bosses for the drop after defeating them again. So, be careful while allocating points, which will help you not to make unnecessary grinding.

Thus, after you defeat the games first major boss, you will get your first Forgotten Feather. This will unlock your ability to respec. Just select the Use Forgotten Feather while resting anywhere in the game and this will reset the level and all your attributes, which will lead you to completely rework your build as you stay fit.

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