Thymesia- How to Defeat Odur And His Movelist

ThymesiaThymesia, no doubt, is a tough game; even players who have mastered the game mechanics might not get an upper hand over the gameplay. That makes it even tougher for the freshers into the game because along with, being acquainted with the game, you need to defeat the first and foremost boss the Odur. Thus, if you find it difficult to defeat this ringmaster, this guide will help you make it. So, without any further ado, lets get started.

Movelists of Odur: The Ringmaster

We must have experienced that his tactics and attacks are quite nippy. He has equipped a deck of cards and a cane sword. The most challenging tactic of this boss is to rebirth. Yes, don’t think the fight is over once you have defeated the boss, that was only his first phase, the health bar refills and the villain pounces back with multiple and stronger combos. His combo in phase 1 includes

  1. Double Strike into Cane Stab
  2. Wind Up into Double Strike
  3. Wind Up Strike into Kick
  4. Double Kick into Cane Strike
  5. Counter Back Kick
  6. Counter Double Strike
  7. Double One Card Flick
  8. Five Card Flick

and in phase 2 he will retain his original Phase-I moves and gain additional moves i.e.

  1. Vanish into 5-hit Combo
  2. Charged Attack: Pierce into Explosion Wave into Explosion Wave
  3. Critical Attack: 2-hit long-range Wave Slash
  4. Ultimate: Change into a 4-hit Cinematic Combo

which might be too much for a new soul comer that has started Thymesia.

Strategy To Defeat The Odur In Thymesia

Odur has its most common attack, that is, using his cane sword (above-mentioned moves) and he kicks in succession. Try to deflect/parry (easily said than done) those attacks and then counter-attack. After each of his attacks, the boss becomes vulnerable for some seconds while regaining his power. At that very moment use your plague weapon to counterattack him. We recommend you to use a hammer or the Halberd or if you have the Plague Weapon Lvl 2 talent, you can use 2 plague weapons in the fight. Once the health bar has reached 60%, he will start throwing cards; dodging them would be easy. This was all about phase 1.

Now for phase 2, the boss will be swifter and more powerful. While the boss took some seconds to perform his next move in phase but in this phase, he will perform a fivehit combo more frequently and with a shorter time gap. Hold your breath, this level will make you sweat. Perform attacks as soon as he stops for his next move and with more accuracy. You can counter the charged attacks and interrupt him to deal with his special moves.

This boss will allow you to implement all the game mechanic skills and teach you what you need to advance further into the game. All you need is patience and wait for your time to strike. If you have mastered the parry, then all his attacks would seem like a child’s play. For more informative guides on Thymesia, click on the link that has been mentioned below the description:

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