Saints Row 2022 Statement Pieces Trophy Or Achievement

saints row 2022

In Saints Row 2022 there are various different items you will be able to customize such as appearance, weapons, vehicles, and costumes. Apart from just changing these items, you will be able to customize the colors and materials used on these items. One such venture you will come across later in the game is called Cutting Edge Materials which allows you to unlock more materials to customize your items better. Below you will also find how to get statement pieces trophy.

Saints Row 2022 How To Get Cutting Edge Materials

Once you have set up enough ventures from your empire table and reached tier 3 you will unlock a venture called “Cutting Edge Materials”. To set up this venture you will need $400,000. Once the venture is set up, you need to talk with Edith who will give you a task to find various different types of materials.

These materials can be used to paint your body, costumes, cars, and guns with cutting-edge materials. To find these materials you need to find the spray cans icon all around the map of Santo Illeso and visit there to take a picture of the material with your phone camera. Once you have clicked a picture the material will be unlocked.

Saints Row 2022 How To Get Statement Pieces Trophy

To get the statement Pieces trophy, players need to unlock at least one cutting-edge material and then use the cutting-edge material to customize their vehicle, weapons, and wearable items such as jackets, shirts, or pants. Once you have customized all 3 with the cutting-edge material you will unlock the statement Pieces achievement.

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