Saints Row 2022- How To Get Tow Truck And Tow

saints row 2022In Saints Row 2022, there are multiple vehicles that you have an access to. There is a Criminal Venture known as Wuzyerz Repo where we need to “Tow vehicles and other stuff to your impound lot with the Wuzyerz tow truck”. Now, the first thing we need is a Wuzyerz Tow Truck, and know where to find it? Even if we get one, the controls of towing are a little bit confusing so we have listed how to do it in this guide.

How To Get Tow Truck In Saints Row 2022

Assuming that we have built the venture, you will be transported or if not, go to your venture location. Inside the parking lot, you will find a tow truck parked next to another. You will be given Repo targets that will be marked on the map which we need to tow and bring it back to the impound lot. Seems easy right? Well, the tough part is to tow.

  • Accelerate: R2
  • Brake/Reverse: L2
  • Drift: X
  • Tow: R1

To Tow, you will need to adjust the marker and place the object that you need to tow at the end in order to latch it tightly. If you are close, it will not Tow some time. Make sure your car markers are at the edge, aligned with the object when it was highlighted so that you have enough space to tow. Now, simply drive back all the way to the garage and earn your sweet XP and money.

If you want a towing truck of your own, then buy the Towing Cable from the Garage customization and install it on the supported vehicles. For more guides on Saints Row 2022, click on the link that has been mentioned below the description:

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