Saints Row 2022 How To Get Fiesta Time Trophy Or Achievement

saints row 2022

In Saints Row 2022 there are certain tasks that you need to complete in order to obtain the fiesta time trophy. To unlock this trophy players need to first unlock a Pinata launcher and obtain a pinata stick.

Once you obtain both the items now you need to use the Pinata launcher and shoot a Pinata. Then use the Pinata stick to hit the launched Pinata and you will obtain the Fiesta Time trophy.

Saints Row 2022 How To Get Pinata Launcher

To obtain a Pinata launcher you need to have a lot of money. First of all, you need to install a Tier 4 venture called “Let’s Pretend”. The cost to set up the venture will be $1,600,000.

In this venture quest, you need to perform a heist. You need to complete 10 venture tasks while each heist will be considered as 2 tasks. Once you have completed all the venture quests. You will be rewarded with Lets Pretend Crew Outfits, Pinata Launcher, and a Space Suit.

Saints Row 2022 How To Get Pinata Stick

To obtain the Pinata stick, you need to visit the @TCHA side hustle in Marina West and interact with the signboard and give them one star. Then some Los Panteros thugs will come at you whom you need to defeat.

Once you complete this side hustle you will be rewarded with a  Pinata stick. Now you need to go into your armory and equip the Pinata launcher. For the Pinata stick, you need to have a crowbar first.

Customize the crowbar and go inside the visual mod, there you will find the Pinata stick that you need to equip. Now go outside shoot the Pinata and hit it with the stick to unlock the Fiesta Time Trophy.

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