Saints Row 2022- How To Earn Money Fast And Quick

saints row 2022In Saints Row 2022, why we are always broke in-game which is similar to in real life (holds true for some or none xD). Casually completing the game earns you in-game money but still, it isn’t enough when you are at the beginning. You will need to purchase tons of stuff and there will be a shortage of money therefore, to solve this problem we have compiled this guide that might increase your cash flow and let you farm money quickly in the game at the beginning.

How To Earn Money Fast And Quick In Saints Row 2022

At the beginning of the game, you might notice a money bag on the radar or map which means that you can kill the enemy gang members who are not associated with anyone relevant. Simple kill and grab job that will earn you $500 easily. However, it is an opportunity or a chance that you can’t rely on.

The next thing is you can search for the Drug Pallet and pickup to gain 500$ for each. Notice that there are not one but two or three packs somewhere hidden around. Earn $1000 – $1500 easily in one go.

If you are ambitious then you can start repeating a Side Hustle again and again and why not start with the @TCHA review? Drive to the place and make sure you rate them pretty badly i.e. 1 star. The catch is you will earn $10,000 but there will be tons of enemies swarming at your location and all you need to defeat them. It is recommended to get a Sports car as they have body armor and drive on them violently to kill them swiftly. Repeat the side hustle again, same process! However, the amount rewarded will be lowered to $8000 which is still pretty sweet plus the incentives that you earn after killing the enemies.

Another trick is also combat based where you can have a high vantage location and find some gang members lurking around the area. Now all we need to do is change the Settings i.e.

  • Click Options
  • Select Gameplay
  • Select Challenge Options
  • Select Challenge Type to Custom

On Custom, imply these options:

  • Danger Level: 0
  • Enemy Durability: 0
  • Tough Enemy Frequency: 10
  • Vehicle Combat Difficulty: 0
  • Notoriety Difficulty: 10
  • Ammo Scarcity: 0
  • Timed Objective Difficulty: 10

After changing the setting, equip your weapon and start killing the gang members. Leave one and kill everyone so that the one person alive will call for backup and there would be an unlimited number of gang members. The bloodbath will go on unless you are tired and eliminate everyone before there is any backup called. When the Notoriety is cleared, walk down on the street and collect all the cash that has been scattered and watch your bank balance grow.

Later in the game, you have Ventures where you will be having a pretty nice cash flow every hour when it is completed. Use these tricks and your bank account will never go dry unless you are spending it lavishly. For more informative guides on Saints Row 2022, click on the link that has been mentioned below the description:

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