Saints Row 2022- How To Access DLC

saints row 2022

In Saints Row 2022, we have been given the opportunity to pre-purchase different editions or DLC. Even those who have purchased the Standard Edition will have the Idols Anarchy DLC pack. Now when we started the game, you might instantly search for all your DLC contents. The question here now is where are the Pre-Order Bonuses or DLC packs that we were promised? Well, do not worry because they are awarded, just you are searching at the wrong time. Let me elaborate on everything for you in this guide.

How To Access DLC For Saints Row 2022

For Standard Edition, we had the Base Game and Idols Anarchy Pack. In Idols Anarchy Pack we had, the ‘Idols’ DJ Helmet, Twinkle Bat, and the Sandstorm Scrambler Motorcycle.

For Gold Edition, all those things that Standard Edition has plus, Saints Criminal Customs, and Los Panteros American Muscle Bundle. In Saints Criminal Customs we have Saints Custom Convertible and The Saints Custom Stab Jacket. In Los Panteros American Muscle we have full Saints Row Expansion Pass, Los Panteros Custom Fury Motorcycle, and the Los Panteros ‘El LanzadorHeavy Weapon Skin.

For Platinum Edition, all those things that Gold  Edition has to offer plus, Saints Row The Third Remastered.

We had completed the Prologue or Introductory part of the game and as soon as we were given the Wardrobe, we had nothing in particular at the Wardrobe that we had been promised. Now, all we need to do is to drive it back to home for the first time. After short cutscene access the Wardrobe where all your attires will be present.

Complete the first mission and once you have an access to the Garage, you can obtain the vehicles that your DLC pack offered. Similarly for the weapons. Everything is rewarded, so do not fret when we don’t see it at the beginning.

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