Midnight Fight Express- How To Stick 4 Plungers Challenge Guide

Midnight Fight ExpressAt Midnight Fight Express, there are certain missions that we need to complete in order to achieve S Rank. Completion of the mission awards us new Cosmetics that can be purchased later through in-game currency under “Appearance” in the Hideout. In this post, we are talking about the 5th level where the mission dictates that we need to stick 4 plungers on enemy faces. Check out how to perform it if you have any questions or having any difficulty completing it.

How To Stick 4 Plungers On Enemy Faces Challenge Guide For Midnight Fight Express

In the Restroom level, you will find or notice that there are a total of 4 exact plungers given. Even if you do not pick up the plunger, the enemy will pick it up and try to attack it with the plunger as a weapon. Pick it up and throw the weapon instead of attacking enemies with it.

Make sure that you are throwing plungers when the enemies don’t have their guard up or are dazed. Once it sticks onto the enemy’s face, you will complete the first milestone and repeat it 4 times successfully in the level. If you missed 1 or 2, you can repeat the level multiple times as it is short and not all missions can be completed in a single playthrough.

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