Midnight Fight Express- How To Get All Gold Teeth

Midnight Fight ExpressMidnight Fight Express is a beat ’em up, action, fighting game where the protagonist has to fight his way across the city before sunrise. Dropping all enemies into their jaw and hoping to collect all the 10 gold teeth that each mission has to offer. It might be a possible way to collect all the Gold Teeth easily. We have compiled this guide, especially for those who like jaw-breaking victory.

How To Get All Gold Teeth In Midnight Fight Express

As we mentioned that in each mission or level, you can find up to 10 gold teeth after defeating the enemies. It is a collectible that is related to a cosmetic reward which will be awarded once per every level when you have accumulated all the gold teeth that each level has to offer i.e. 10.

The Gold Teeth are dropped randomly when you defeat enemies. It has been noticed that when you deliver a finishing blow using Skills, the chances of getting Gold Teeth are not bad unlike defeating enemies with your standard attacks which is very low. Both are random but it makes sense that the fake gold teeth might come out loose when they are dealt with heavy special moves.

Each cosmetic can be unlocked in your “Appearance” Menu at Hideout. There is a total of 40 levels and each level has a gold tooth mission. Therefore, a total of 40 new cosmetics can be obtained. However, it cannot be obtained in a single playthrough. So, clench your fist and give your jaw-dropping performance and beat ’em up.

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