Midnight Express Location Of Knight Figure In Bro Tel

Midnight Express

Midnight Express is a fast-paced top-down fighting action game developed by Jacob Dzwinel. There is a total of 40 levels you need to complete in this game and each level has some collectibles to collect and challenges you need to complete to gain the best rating.

One such challenge you will come across in level 2 “Bro Tel” is to find a knight figure and take it with you on the train. Level 3 of the game is the train level, so you need to find the figure in level 2 and hold it till you complete the level.

Midnight Express Where To Find The Knight Figure

Just as you start the game, you will find a reception table with a computer on it. Besides the computer, you will find the figure. Most of the time players might miss this figure as we just keep rushing to fight with the enemies. While finding the figure is not a hard task, keeping it till the end of the level can be quite difficult, as the figure is breakable. Below you will find some tips on how to keep the figure till the end of the level.

Midnight Express Tips To Complete The Challenge

When you pick up the figure it will be an item that can be used to throw on enemies. So you need to drop it on the floor and clear out the way. Once the enemies are cleared you can pick up the figure once again and go on to clear the level.

The problem with dropping the figure on the ground is that enemies can also pick it up to attack you and in the process, the figure might break and you won’t be able to complete the challenge. So when you drop the item make sure the enemies coming near the figure get some beating.

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