Across The Obelisk How To Get All Boon Cards

Across the Obelisk

In Across The Obelisk there are certain special cards that you will unlock while playing the game. These cards are called boon cards and will always allow the player to draw a card. Below you will find all the boon cards that you can unlock and obtain by playing the game. You won’t be able to collect all the boon cards but some of them, depending on your choices.

Across The Obelisk How To Get All Boon Cards

Arena Champion

(Red Portal) – Coliseum – The Coliseum (Grey Book), pick any choice and you will get the card.


(First Map) – Small Lake – Morning at the Lake (Purple Book) – Choose “Explore look around for something unusual”.

Forest Ruins – Story Time (Grey Book) – Choose “Accept show them just the note with the tree and ask about it”.

Treasure Spot – Treasure Hunt (Grey Book) – Choose “Dig you start digging”.

Campsite – (Green Portal) – Strange Rock Formation (Grey Book) – Choose “Dig near the western rock formation”.

Kuzam’Dhar – (Red Portal) – The Gates of Kuzam’Dhar ( Grey Book) – Choose “Enter open the gates at any cost and try to endure the heat”.


(Green Portal) – Cobwebs – Tough Choice (Grey Book) – Choose “Kill Kill them without opening the cocoons to spare them from suffering”.


(First Map) – Altar Rubble – The Broken Altar (Grey Anvil) – Choose “Rebuild do not make an offering, but try to restore the altar to its former state”.

Dark Miasma

(First Map) – Scorched Field – Honest Work (Green Book) – Choose “Accept you offer your help”.

(First Map) – Suspicious Hatch – The Hatch (Map) – Choose “Enter jumping on the hatch will break it. The problem will be trying to land on your feet”.


(Final Map) – Garden – The Sacred Garden (Grey Book) – Choose “One of the four “I will eat the apple.” choices”.

Friendly Tadpole

When Nezglekt is in the party and reaches Level 5 you need to select Incubation for Nezglekt’s Level 5 upgrade.

Child Of The Storm

(Green Portal) – Eastern Village – An Empty Village (Grey Book) – Choose “Look for anything interesting but don’t steal anything”.

Naga Mural – The Lightning Runes (Grey Book) – Choose “Read decipher the mural using the nagas notes”.

Heat Surge

(First Map) – Suspicious Hatch – The Hatch (Map) – Choose “Enter jumping on the hatch will break it. The problem will be trying to land on your feet”.


Unlock any character to obtain this card.


(First Map) – Tom’s Farm – The Baker’s Son (Grey Book) – Choose “Accept Take the gold and agree to find his son”.

(First Map) – Forest Arch –  The Forest Trail (Quest) – Choose “Combat Try to obtain an advantageous position before starting the fight”.


(Green Portal) – Cobwebs – Tough Choice (Grey Book) – Choose “Combat Slaughter them all mercilessly”.

Take Cover

(First Map) – Tower Side – The Soldier Trainer (Green Book) – Choose “Pay Pay 1000g for the whole group to learn his move”.

Well Fed

(First Map) – Forest – The Goblin Settlement (Purple Book) – Choose “Accept Accept the offer and stay for the banquet”.

(Blue Portal) – Inn – The Happy Owl (Grey Book) – Choose “Rest +100H you pay her 1600g to have a big feast”.

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