Way Of The Hunter- How To Track A Wounded Animal

Way Of The HunterIn the Way Of The Hunter, we are in the Nez Perce Valley which is a perfect sanctuary for all the wild animals ranging from small to big. Beginners as well as veterans both visit this open country but now we are here in this article as a beginner to learn and excel in how to hunt and track a wounded animal. Till the point you are done with this guide, you can track as a predator who will never let go of his food and prize.

How To Track A Wounded Animal In Way Of The Hunter

Let’s assume you have the perfect weapon to deal with each animal and know how to hit enemies in their vitals. Even if you are in doubt or confused just open the Encyclopedia, you will find all about the animal species and recommended Hit Energy. Well for now let’s focus on the tracking.

It is recommended to press “X” in order to mark the hit zone as you need to know where the animal was when you hit one. Next thing we know that we had aimed for the vital but let’s check the pool of blood and analyze the origin. The color indicates where the bullet punctured and injured the animal as follows:

  • Brain & SpineRed; It will die on the spot.
  • Heart & Lungs & ArteryPink with bubbles and large amount of blood.
  • Stomach & IntestinesRed with green mixed in.
  • Bone & FleshRed, small amount of blood.

After analyzing you know the blood color, the amount of blood, and most importantly the distance before expiration. Distance before expiration ensures that the next track or trace of blood will be between the given distance.

Important Tips
  1. If you are at high ground and even if you have marked your target, make sure that you hold scope for a little while to see their initial reaction and where they fled.
  2. Once you follow the trace, it is recommended to mark the traces as you go forward. If you are lost then you can come back anytime and even judge the distance you have moved after referring the markers. (Hold X to mark)
  3. You will notice the trace has different shapes and long straight lines that indicate that the animal has sprinted quickly. The direction of the blood shows where he/she is headed.
  4. If you have arrived at a urine stain then you are at the healing spot or resting spot where the animal waited enough and when there is no trace nearby then you have lost it.
  5. The unethical but the sureshot way to track an animal os going into the Photo Mode. Hold the Right click and press Space to gain altitude and now move the camera to get clear views. The animal cannot get away from you.

The graphic settings play a huge role in Way Of The Hunter. If you are adamant to track and you are having a bad time then lower your settings down to complete low. If you want it to be immersive, realistic, and tougher to track just so you need a challenge then go for Ultra Settings.

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