Tower Of Fantasy- How To Farm & Get Maglev Stalker For Chaser

Tower Of FantasyIn Tower Of Fantasy, we have to obtain everything the game has to offer. Grinding and exploration go side by side and why not accompanied with your cool hard earned mounts. In this guide, we are explaining how to farm one of the rarest resources Maglev Stalker which has a fairly low chance to drop after defeating the Vermin Brothers. So, here’s the route you can take as many others are following to uninterruptedly farm them. If you are fortunate enough or the RNG gods bless you, then you will be free from this and explore your hearts out.

How To Get Maglev Stalker For Chaser In Tower Of Fantasy

The first thing we want to make sure of is that you have unlocked all of the Astra and Banges Spacerifts. Why? Because all the Outposts where Vermin Brothers are located would be found near the Spacerifts and they are far apart if you are wondering that you can make it by riding the mounts.

Tower Of Fantasy

The image shown above shows you the yellow colored marks i.e the four locations of the outposts where Vermin Brothers can be found. They have a respawn time of 3-5 minutes. So keeping in mind how much damage you can deal and kill one of the Vermin Brothers alone, cycling these shown spots will be the most efficient way to farm. A Vermin Brothers at Astra and 3 at Banges is enough.

Time taken to get Maglev Stalker might differ from person to person due to the fact the drop rate is low as we mentioned earlier. Apart from the grind, there is nothing much we can do! For more informative guides on Tower Of Fantasy, click on the link that has been mentioned below the description:

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