Thymesia How To Get All Lores & Good Listener Trophy


It’s time for a lore collection we must rather say, this article of Thymesia is going to be a catalog book of all the collectibles in Thymesia and the main reason stays at winning the Good Listener’s Trophy. Invariably you have come a long way fighting all the bosses around and collecting all the lore through the game but let’s recap with the guide, even if you have left some we will make sure we have enlisted them as well as presented how to get them as well. Well, all the best.

Thymesia The Good Listener Trophy

Gamers your quest for the Good listener’s trophy would start with collecting all the storyline lore i.e. 11 of them scattered around the game. And if you have some this far check with us if you really have them all. We will go sequentially along the storyline.

Thymesia How To Get All Lores

At the Sea of Trees Level, defeat Odur in the boss encounter. You must then grab the Transformation Experiment Report 1 following Odur’s death. After defeating Odur, you can find this artifact on the Philosopher’s Hill.

Then the next lore in the row is The Transformation Experiment Report 2. This one can be found in the Sea of Trees, the same region where the second subquest is. You just need to fight the God of the Fools boss, who is also present in the Sea of Trees, for the following one. After defeating the boss Mutaded Odur in the Sea of Trees area, you will receive the Lore Collectible.

You must defeat the next boss in the row after Mutaded Odur in order to obtain the Collectible. You’ll take down and slay the Hanged Queen Boss this time at The Royal Garden. After defeating the Queen Boss, you must now proceed to the Philosopher’s Hill section. Look for the place with the gate there. On your left, you’ll see The Collectible.

You must complete the Royal Garden area’s primary objective before moving on to the next one. Simply complete the first subquest you come across. Once you start it and complete it, you will receive the Lore Collectible.

Proceeding to that you must slay the Sound of the Abyss this time. He can be found in the Laboratory Basement. Killing the Varg boss, which is found in the Hermes Fortress, is the next step. Once he is dead, loot his body to obtain the Lore Collectible. Urd, the boss, will be the next target. He is also present in Hermest Fortress. You may find him by simply starting Side Quest 1 again.

You should visit the NPC Aisemy. In Philosopher’s Hill, she is the young woman wearing a red cape. In the event that you have followed this instruction and obtained all of the stuff, give them to her. And right after that, you must deliver the items to Emerald after dealing with Aisemy.
And with that, the quest for The Good listener trophy has come to an end subjected to a sure-shot win.

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