Thymesia All Endings & Cores To Mix To Get Different Ending


Thymesia has left no space to bring up its awesomeness factor with its vivid graphics, amazing character build-up, and intricate detailing, rather in addition to that it is a game with a suspense-packed ending. Yes gamers, this game was designed to awe you with its multiple ending permutations that will leave you gasping. To all gamers who were crazy enough to come to an end of the game already, here is the ending note for you all. Follow up in the right direction!!

We have tried to be rather specific this time. So coming directly to the point, to all the bosses in the main line and sub-quests that you have mercilessly defeated leave you with cores. The cores can be of the following types

  • Vile-Blood Core
  • Pure-Blood Core
  • Mutated Core

You go back to chat with Aismey after you’ve defeated the last boss. She will request that you mix two Cores. You can combine multiple Cores to obtain different endings. Once you get an ending, after the cutscene the game will ask “Is this the truth?” where you must answer no to spawn again near Aismey and fuse different cores.

Before we proceed here are some important things you need to know about. There are a total of 4 different bosses scattered all throughout gameplay, 2 of which are unlocked only after you’ve completed the first level. As a result, you can only access 3 of 5 possible endings during your initial playthrough; the other 2 must be unlocked afterward. To acquire each ending, you must at least five times defeat the final boss.

Thymesia All Endings


You should combine two of the three Vile-Blood Cores when speaking to Aismey. These are the 3 Vile-Blood Cores:

  1. The God of Fool’s Core
  2. Sound of the Abyss Core
  3. Odur’s Core

As the name goes, it’s an uncharted combination of any unconnected Cores you have should be combined. Combining Vile-Blood, Pure-Blood, or Mutated Cores is what this means. Check to be sure they are not the same kind.

After completing this, you will receive the Chaos Ending. The planet will descend even further into uncontrolled disorder and lunacy than before because the Magical potions Formula is too volatile and unpredictable.


This is a combination of 2 pure blood cores, which specifically can be made by mixing:

Urd’s core & Varg’s core

In this conclusion, the Plague is repelled by the might of Pure Blood. Infected people recover, and the creatures that stalk the countryside gradually perish. Corvus and Aismey, however, are aware that by strengthening individuals who already possess Vile-Blood, power-seekers will want to seize the alchemical magic for themselves.


The two Mutated Pure-Blood Cores must be combined. But there is a warning, you can only get this ending after doing this combination a single time. You will need the following Cores for this ending:

  1. Mutated odur
  2. The hanged queen

The two Mutated Pure-Blood Cores must be combined in this ending. There is one difference between this combination and the Harmonized Force ending. Before facing Corvus in the Ocean of Dreams in this Ending, the Fool’s God and Mutated Odur must be vanquished on that save. As a result, despite the Harmonized Force outcome being superior, you will probably get this one first. The mutated cores are:

  1. The hanged queen
  2. Mutated Odur

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