Saints Row 2022 Unlock Car Customization & Add Cars To Garage

saints row 2022

In Saints Row 2022 there are various different ways in which you can customize and mod your cars. To mod a car in the car customization garage, you need to complete a quest mentioned below, after that bring any car to the customization center and it will be added to your garage. Below you will find how to complete the mission and unlock car customization.

Saints Row 2022 How To Unlock Car Customization

To unlock the car customization garage in this game, players need to keep playing the main mission and reach one of the missions called “A Piece Of The Action”. In this mission, you need to meet with an old friend called JimRob whose vehicle part shipment has been stolen by the idols.

Now he wants you to go fetch the shipment back from them in return for a percentage of the garage. Now, this is where you will unlock your first venture. Ventures are like businesses from where you will generate and collect money automatically from the cash transfer app of your phone.

In this mission first, you need to visit the Idol’s party where one of the Idol members will stop you and ask where you were going. You make up some excuse to join Idol members and she asks you to find a member with a snake helmet

After meeting with the member with a snake helmet you need to find a member who is banging his head. After that a member who is fixing a motorcycle. By interacting with all these members you will finally know the location where the shipment is kept. Visit the location where you need to fight off a few members. Then attach the shipment to the buggy using the cable and take it back to JimRob garage.

After reaching the garage you have to fight the Idol members who will be following you. After that, the mission will be completed and your first venture and car customization garage will be unlocked.

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