Saints Row 2022 How To Unlock Auto Drive & Use It

saints row 2022

The auto drive feature in Saints Row 2022 is a feature where players just need to sit in their vehicle and the vehicle will automatically take you to the marked location without any input. Sometimes you just need to sit back, relax and enjoy the scenic views of the game while automatically reaching the quest location. Saints Row 2022 also has such a unique feature available for players but not at the start of the game. You need to complete certain quests to unlock the auto-drive mode. Below you will find which quests to complete and how to use the auto-drive mode.

Saints Row 2022 How To Unlock Auto Drive

To unlock the auto drive mode players first need to unlock a venture called “Planet Saints“. Now, this venture costs a lot of money so you won’t be able to build it at the beginning of the game. The cost to build this venture is $1,600,000 and you need to interact with the empire table in your headquarters to build it.

Once you have built the venture you need to complete the venture quest to obtain rewards such as Auto Drive and much more. The venture quest will be to hijack and bring back 12 trucks. These trucks will be marked in your minimap in the white truck icon and to hijack these trucks you need to sideslam them. After a few successful sideslam, the driver will come out of the truck to fight with you, and then you can steal the truck and take it to the marked location. Once you have bought all the 12 trucks to the marked location, the venture quest will be completed and the rewards you will get are:

  • Planet Saints Crew Outfits
  • Saints Attrazione
  • Saints Oppressor
  • Saints Estrada
  • Saints Grandad
  • Planet Saints Pedestal
  • Auto Drive
  • 5000 XP, $30,000

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