Saints Row 2022- How To Get MDI-921V VTOL Plane And Controls

saints row 2022In Saints Row 2022 there are multiple vehicles you can gain access to and summon it to ride throughout the city. Few of them spawn either at day or night so it is necessary to know how to change the time in-game. The vehicles that can be unlocked also spawn related to the time so it is an important mechanic. Well, for the MDI-921V VTOL plane, you don’t have to change anything or search for anything. It is much simpler than you think. Therefore, for all the curious gamers we have compiled this guide to let the information flow everything about the one and only plane MDI-921V.

How To Get MDI-921V VTOL Plane In Saints Row 2022

If you are wondering how to get the MDI-921V VTOL-powered plane that has the ability to hover like a helicopter and travel quickly like a plane then stop gazing and complete the game. You have read it right, all you need to do is complete the story and it will be unlocked that can be accessed through any helipads.

If you are troubled and confused about how to control the aircraft then you are in for a treat. The controls are listed below:

  • To Enter/Exit the plane—–> Press Triangle (PlayStation)/ Y (Xbox)
  • Switch Mode (Plane/Helicopter)—–> Press Circle (PlayStation)/ B (Xbox)
  • To elevate and lift off—–> Press X (PlayStation)/ A (Xbox)
  • To descend down—–> Press Square (PlayStation)/ X (Xbox)
  • To shoot Laser—–> Press R2 (PlayStation)/ RT (Xbox)
  • To shoot Rockets—–> Press L2 (PlayStation)/ LT (Xbox)
  • To Barrel Role Dodge (Plane Only)—–> Press L1/R1 (PlayStation)/ RB/LB (Xbox) three times in quick succession.

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