Saints Row 2022- How To Get Hover Bike MDI-707B

saints row 2022In Saints Row 2022, there are multiple vehicles as we speak of and every single one of them can be unlocked. Some can be obtained from the early game and some can be obtained in the late game. The Hover Bike MDI-707B is one of the early game vehicles that can be unlocked. Therefore, we have compiled this guide to let you have your own personal hoverbike that can let you travel from one place to another in a very quick time span.

How To Get Hover Bike MDI-707B At Saints Row 2022

Saints Row 2022To unlock the hover Bike MDI-707B, you will have to travel quite a distance as shown on the map above. On the Kavanagh County Territory, in Badlands North, you will find your hoverbike next to the helipad. Well, there’s a catch! The hoverbike do not spawn during the daytime which means you need to be present at nighttime.

Saints Row 2022Now, all you need to do is defeat the two Marshalls standing next to the hoverbike which will increase the Notoriety level. However for a free hoverbike i.e. a crime that we can commit at the beginning. Take your reward and get out of there into your garage to unlock it and drive as many times as you want.

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