Saints Row 2022 how to get attack helicopter tornado early game

saints row 2022

There are various types of vehicles in Saints Row 2022 that you can ride on and roam around Santo Illeso. One of the best vehicles you will come across is the attacking Helicopter called Tornado. Getting one at an early stage of the game can be difficult. Below you will find how to obtain it easily.

Saints Row 2022 Attack Helicopter

While there are multiple helicopters and planes for you to travel around the map in Saints Row. There is only one attacking helicopter that has a missile and a machine gun mounted on it. The helicopter has unlimited ammo and can easily destroy any vehicle on its way.

At a later stage of the game, you will be able to buy these planes and helicopter and keep it in your headquarters helipad area. But it is difficult to obtain the attacking helicopter Tornado at the early stage of the game. Below you will find a trick on how to get this helicopter at an early stage and wreck havoc all over Santo Illeso.

Saints Row 2022 How To Get Tornado Early Game

Getting a Tornado in the early game can be a quite little tricky as only the Marshalls have the access to it. To get a Tornado, you need to first get a normal helicopter and then head over to Marshall’s headquarters. In the video, you can find the location of the normal helicopter that will be standing on the helipad.

After getting the helicopter to fly over the Marshall headquarter and then look for the particular area shown in the video. Keep flying out of the boundary to respawn a vehicle in that particular area and after a few tries, you can find the attacking helicopter tornado in that location. Descend down your normal helicopter and enter the Tornado to wreak havoc.

Note: Make sure to dodge the Marshal’s army while trying to go to and fro with your normal helicopter, it is a matter of luck on how fast the Tornado will spawn. For us, it took us around more than 15-20 tries.

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