Saints Row 2022- How To Change Daytime And Night-time

saints row 2022

In Saints Row 2022 apart from all the madness, the game does not tell you how to shift or change the time from day to night and vice versa. We can’t just roam around and wait for the time to go on at their own pace. Worry not, there is a way and that’s why we have compiled a small and efficient guide that will solve the current problem when you are dozing off literally.

How To Change Daytime In Saints Row 2022

There is a small condition i.e. you can’t be on any active mission if you want to change the time of the day. To change the daytime accordingly, you will need to visit your apartment during a Free Roam. Open your cellphone and select Map. Fast Travel back to The Apartment and “Take A Nap“. That’s it!

There had been a few incidents and occurrences that might not change the time even if you sleep or take a nap on your bed. It is recommended to sleep once more to register that the character had a nice long nap and the corresponding time has passed with it. It is an important mechanic because few activities or events that happen at day and night can be approached instantly without wasting any time.

If you want a big change and shift from an HQ that is small into a bigger one i.e. at Mercado to Old Town Shoreline, the transition will require you to complete the Mission “Take Me To Church“. For more informative guides on Saints Row 2022, we have provided you a link below the description:

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