Saints Row 2022 All Idol Members Location & Chaos Tamer Trophy

saints row 2022

In Saints Row 2022 there are various different factions or gangs that you need to deal with in the game. Idol is an anarchist group that focuses on bringing down the corrupt system. There are 6 group members who are an integral part of the gang whom you need to defeat. Below you will find how to unlock the Chaos Tamer Trophy and find all 6 idol members.

Saints Row 2022 Chaos Tamer Trophy

There are various trophies to be unlocked in this game by completing different challenges or by collecting all collectibles. One such trophy you will come across in this game is the “Chaos Tamer”. To successfully complete the game 100% you have to unlock this trophy which won’t take much time and can easily be achieved. To unlock this trophy players need to find 6 idol members throughout the map and defeat them.

Saints Row 2022 All Idol Members Location

The first four idol members can be encountered while completing the main mission. The first idol you will encounter will be in mission 7 called Be Your Own Boss. In that mission, you will be at your apartment with Neenah when Kevin and Eli will be at an Idol’s party. Los Panteros will attack the party for revenge, and Eli will get shot in the crossfire. You need to go to the Idols party and save Kevin and Eli. While saving them you will encounter the first Idol member whom you need to defeat.

Similarly to these, you will encounter other idol members in different missions which are mission 15 called “Idol Threat” and two other idol members in mission 28 called “Going Overboard”. Now as four idols have been defeated after that you need to just find two other idols to unlock the trophy.

One Idol will only be unlocked once you set up your first venture in the Old Town West. After setting up a venture you might face some threats from other gang members whom you need to defeat to make your venture run smoothly. So after setting venture in Old Town West, one of the Idol members will be a threat whom you need to defeat.

The last Idol member can be found from the wanted app on your phone. The name of the Idol will be Litterbugs and once you accept the quest to hunt him, follow the markers and defeat the idol to unlock the trophy.

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