Tower Of Fantasy- How To Get Monocross Vehicle All Parts

Tower Of Fantasy

In Tower Of Fantasy, there are multiple mounts that you can unlock to accompany you in your adventure. If you are interested in the Unicorn shaped cyber mount, then we have to collect all of its bionic parts in the World Exploration. In this guide, we have explained where you can get these parts and unlock the Monocross seamlessly.

How To Get Monocross Vehicle All Parts In Tower Of Fantasy

Unicorn Power Core

You will need to cook some Fiddlehead Pie for an NPC who we will come across pretty soon. To cook Fiddlehead Pie, you will need to add Fiddlehead and Brown Rice into the cooking pot and increase the success rate with these two ingredients. To get Fiddlehead, you will need to travel all the way around at Banges Tech in Banges. Similarly, Brown Rice can be farmed near Navia Bay in Navia.

Now go to Crown Mines and explore near Miners’ Camp. You will notice a dark-colored shiny wall where you will find the Shiny Residue.

NPC Stoker
Tower Of Fantasy
Now you will need to go to Area 4, Goldrush Mountain as shown in the image above at Crown Mines. You will find him inside the crack or an alley between the two walls. At this moment you have already collected what he wants. Offer him everything he needs and he will give you the Ore Extract i.e. a product refined by Stoker.

Go back to where you found the Shiny Residue and activate the device as hinted below:

Note: Going from left to right if facing towards the stone.

  1. Switch to Gear 2.
  2. Switch to Gear 1.
  3. Switch to Gear 3.

Now, collect the Ore Chunk and now you have the first part of the Monocross.

Unicorn Bionic Frame
Tower Of FantasyMap Credits: TOF map

At Warren Snowfield, you will need to travel all the way to the location as shown in the image i.e. at top of the Warren Area. Use code 7092 or say 70%2 to open the laboratory. Now you have to avoid fighting and sneak all past the bots. Beware some of their sight cones are not visible. Try to avoid them without getting discovered. Find the golden-colored Special Supply Pod where Unicorn Bionic Frame lies.

Unicorn Cyberlimbs

Tower Of Fantasy

Map Credits: TOF map

At the marked location in Warren Snowfield, you will have to climb to the highest ground and collect the Type II supply pod on top of a tower where the third part of the Monocross can be collected.

Unicorn Head


Map Credits: TOF map

At Crown Mines, on the Northern Side of the Miners’ Camp, there would be an Outpost where a specific enemy class known as Devotee can be found. Similarly, at the beach, you will find an Outpost near to which there would be a Supply Pod I. Near that Supply Pod, you can locate the Devotee. Kill them or maybe grind them as they are the only enemies that drop the final part of the Monocross.

Once you have collected all the parts, unlock and activate the Monocross to ride it proudly. For more informative guides on Tower Of Fantasy, click on the link that has been mentioned below the description:

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