Tower Of Fantasy- A03 All Chest Location

Tower Of Fantasy

In Tower Of Fantasy, the A-03 ruin is located in Astra. This is the ruin where we had obtained the Omnium Handcannon Relic and learned how to use it. Without going all through about the ruin and how to defeat the boss at Hard difficulty, we trust your combat prowess and therefore to experience no speed break collecting the ruin chests and that too 6 of them. We have compiled this guide, especially for such reasons.

A-03 All Chest Location In Tower Of Fantasy

Chest 1-2

Apart from all the combat let’s run it down all the chest locations and the first chest is located in plain sight on top of the high ground beside the fence i.e. hard to miss.

After collecting the 1st chest, rotate the camera at the same height and you will notice the 2nd chest on top of a steel platform that could have been missed. Create a vertical pedestal aiming at the ground with the help of Omnium Handcannon Relic. Jump over to reach and activate the 2nd ruin chest.

Chest 3-4

After collecting the first-two ruin chest, climb down, and before using the Omnium Handcannon Relic to jump over the gap, there are two chests placed in the area. The 3rd chest is located on the right side near the wall. Use the relic to create a horizontal pedestal to collect the 3rd ruin chest.

The 4th ruin chest is located opposite to where you are standing after unlocking the 3rd chest. Instead of looking up, look down to find the hidden 4th chest on the other side of the wall.

Chest 5-6

Advance forward, now we are at the laser grid area. Create a vertical pedestal to block off the laser and collect the 5th chest easily.

For the 6th chest, drop down below where the lever is placed in the same area. It is also unmissable as you will have to look down in order to jump perfectly on the floating platform or even aim your Omnium Handcannon Relic to create a pedestal on him to ride all the way to the other side. Good luck with Level 44, Vulcan as he will be the last guard stopping you from exiting the Ruin flawlessly.

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