Tower Of Fantasy- A02 All Chest Location

Tower Of FantasyIn Tower Of Fantasy, the A-02 ruin is located in Astra where each level of difficulty rewards you with an addition of 2 chests. At Easy, Medium, and Hard levels of difficulty, the number of ruin chests spawned would be 2,4, and 6 respectively. At A-02 ruin if you are having trouble locating and learning how to get all the chests, then you are in for a treat. If you are also having trouble reaching the last chest, then we have provided you with a simple solution.

A-02 All Chest Location In Tower Of Fantasy

Once we have entered the A-02 ruin. Move ahead and drop down to simply collect the 1st chest at the first chamber. It is noticed that the first two chests are placed near the flaming barrels. So, keep a lookout for that.

The second chest as we described will be placed ahead near the flaming barrel that is not missable when you proceed ahead. Climb up the stairs and the second ruin chest will be found on top of the stairs.

The third chest is also unmissable. Once you open the door by solving the puzzle or mechanism, the 3rd A-02 ruin chest will be placed on your path.

Once outside the cave, the 4th A-02 ruin chest can be found on the right side of the edge of the platform in between the thorns.

Next proceed forward and before jumping onto the floating platform to go to the other side of the area. Rotate the camera to discover the 5th ruin chest on the left side. Activate and advance ahead.

Among all the ruin chests, the final chest is the most wicked one. Earlier, it was fairly easier to find the chests if you are aware of the surroundings. However, the 6th ruin chest was placed in the boss area. Once we have entered the new area after crossing the floating platforms, you will have to defeat the Level 40 Aberrant Franken.

After defeating the big mech guy, rotate the camera and look at the top. You will be able to locate the final A-02 ruin chest. To reach at such a height, you will have to use the Omnium Handcannon Relic to make a pedestal. Climb and jump all the way to the top.

Having trouble reaching the top?

One of the best ways to reach the top is to make a pedestal on the ground. Aim your Omnium Handcannon Relic on the ground near the entrance where the blue-colored vines go to the top. Follow the vines as there is a space for you to climb up. Series of jumps and next thing you know, you are at the top.

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