Tower Of Fantasy- A01 Ruin All Chest Location

Tower Of FantasyIn Tower Of Fantasy when we enter the Ruins A-01 for exploration, there are a set of chests which we called as ruin A-01 chests. There are usually 3 levels of difficulty and each level have ruin chests to offer. If you are having difficulties in locating these chests, then do not fret as all 6 Chests can be collected easily once you are done with this guide.

A-01 All Chest Locations At Tower Of Fantasy

We need to make it clear first that when you enter the ruin in Easy difficulty, the ruin chest spawned will be 2. Similarly, at Normal and Hard difficulty, the chest spawned will be 4 and 6. Enter the ruin at Hard difficulty, once you have met the conditions and as soon as you are inside the ruin, your work will begin.

Chest 1-2

The first two chests can be found in the same starting room. You can see two exploding barrels in the room and at the right side of the door entrance, you will see the crack on the wall behind the torched barrel. Destroy the cracked wall to get the first A-01 Ruin Chest.

For the second A-01 ruin chest, locate another flaming barrel i..e placed on another side of the corner. Look at the top where there are a set of two exploding barrels that can be destroyed and reveal the second A-01 ruin chest. To reach, you will have to use the Omnium Handcannon Relic and climb the hole.

Chest 3

Chest 3 is unmissable. It will be placed on your path ahead.

Chest 4-6

Proceed to the next chamber where you will find two exploding barrels on the right side of the descending stairs. In the same room, there would be a statue that you need to destroy to get the 4th ruin A-01 chest.

The 5th A-01 ruin chest can be located on the left side of the descending stairs next to the statue which you have just destroyed for the 4th A-01 chest earlier.

There are two more exploding barrels on the exit of the same chamber. Besides those two barrels, there would be a crack on the wall where the final ruin chest is placed.

Once you have conquered the ruin and ripped off all the ruin chests to collect the contents they have to offer, you can move on to the following Tower Of Fantasy guide which we have offered.

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