Thymesia- Learn Urd Movelist In Order To Defeat Her

ThymesiaIn Thymesia, if you are really searching for how to defeat Urd, definitely first of all congratulations are in order, coz you were able to come across the major portions of the game defeating valiant bosses and completing through missions. Right now you are at the crossroads of Urd, coz you are too interested to divert from the main storyline and wanted to explore the sub-quests.

The Urd is an optional boss but it can definitely be ranked as one of the most difficult ones to defeat. Although Urd is swift, she lacks variety. Because of her highly predictable habits, this struggle frequently develops into a complex dance. If you don’t have the reflexes, Urd can kill you startlingly quickly, but since you have come this far, that shouldn’t be an issue. Here’s everything that you would need to know Urd closely and defeat her.

Urd Comparison And Movements In Thymesia

Urd resembles Odur the most when compared to other adversaries and bosses in Thymesia. Urd will prance around the arena and launch a swift attack in place of a large, heavy opponent.

Her move set is mostly composed of a few key movements that can be used at random. When you eliminate her initial HP bar, her second phase begins, during which the majority of her moves get enhanced.


Uppercut thrust and slash

Urd will rush herself toward the player after slashing her weapon upward. The thrust is likely to strike you if you are trapped in the first uppercut. You can thwart both assaults.

Jumping spear attack

In two of her assaults, Urd leaps into the air. The first occurs when she jumps into the air before hurling a spear in the direction of where the player is standing. This can be avoided by dodging it or deflecting it, which makes it roll and fall away from the player. And in the second assault, she uses the same spears as a combat weapon.

Charged assault

This is the point where she enters a state to attack that needs to be interrupted with Corvus’ feather strike in order to prevent a follow-through of the attack. When she gets to this point, all she would do is pull back her sword and it will flash green before rushing forward in an unblockable attack.

Quick stab

Urd will quickly scurry to the left or right before stabbing forward in the direction of the player. Keep an eye out since she might perform multiple quicksets in a succession. Since this attack only has one strike, try to deflect it. However, since the strike has a set distance, you also can try deflecting backward.

The Phase II

We would love to simplify the whole movement set for you without making it more technically complex. Coz we understand you are all set to defend Urd at the best of your potential. Phase II simply will make her more agile and start throwing out enhanced and unpredictable attacks, so all you got to do is, stay the course you have been continuing and apply a little strategy.

She will start with 5 thrusts which are easily deflectable, we would advise you to stay focused and parry your way through. Urd will lean and deliver an uppercut; this move will no longer be blockable. When she releases the attack, there is a short moment of opportunity to strike her with a feather.


The second jumping attack of Urd is substantially faster. She will roll towards you and leap at you instead of gathering height, she tries to smash down upon the top of you using a spear.


We would recommend two basic talents that you must use to defeat Urd.

Long dash

Another excellent option is the long dodge, mainly because it enables you to retreat from Urd as she launches her jump attack. You will only employ this defensively in that manner.

Precision Deflection

Since Urd can’t be injured by ordinary strikes and can only take so many hits before she resumes dodging, Precision Deflection is the best option. You can use Precision Deflection to do major harm as you deflect, and since Urd attacks so frequently, this will completely destroy her health bar.

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