Thymesia How To Parry Enemies, Block & Dodge


Thymesia is going to be 2022’s one of the stylish fast RPG action combat games with high-end visuals and an immersive gaming experience. Thymesia is quite a simple game to understand but can be a tough nut to fight through enemies at different levels. We must admit Thymesia has quite created the buzz with its characters and the anti-humanized, infected world with gruesome fights and instigative operations to complete. This time we’re here to give you some of our pro’s tried and tested fight strategies. And if you looking for the turn medium of the game, we’re then to help you up with that.

The parry mechanism in Thymesia is a little intriguing because you can parry in two distinct ways, though the timing is still pivotal. Each has its own operations and may both be altered as you keep perfecting by discovering new talents.

Before you move further to know further about parrying, we should let you know that the red marks are an unblockable attack. The parry in this game doesn’t stagger the enemies but rather reflects some amount of damage back to them.

Dagger Parry

In Thymesia, there’s a more classic parry system in place. To draw a little dagger that will deflect the enemy’s strike, you must hit L1 or F on your press or keyboard, consequently. Remember that in some circumstances where you’re entering a shower of blows, you can constantly press the turn button. Rather than counting on button-mashing, it’s always preferable to observe foes, discover their implicit attacks, and parry duly.

The maturity of the time, however, you’ll need to parry just before you take damage from an attack. This is pivotal since some opponents execute lethal combinations, and if your timing lags, you will not be suitable to parry the posterior blows. Players can employ talents to change the timeframe of the dagger parry by enlarging or dwindling the timing window. Each of these entails a clear concession. While parries with a narrower window reflect further damage, those with a broader window reflect less.


Feather parries are a pretty new approach to dodging, distracting, and blocking the opponents. It also adds a wound effect on your enemies that will stop their regen You would be having 3 feathers at Max, but the better assurance is it, replenishes at intervals. The feather parry medium only functions on foes that are glowing green.

If you would ask which parry is better in comparison. In the case of timing, the comparison of this parry to the dagger parry system may be delicate. This is due to the fact that you have to regard the time it would take for the feathers to touch the enemy. Both the parries are fairly weak in their raw state, especially when compared to the parries available in other games.

Upgrading Dagger Parry

Thymesia is special in that you can really streamline your parries to give them the exact functionality you want. You must first open up fresh talents in order to modify the timing and impact of your parries. The Feather Parry can be modified by the player with talents, making it more compatible with their playing style and setup. Thymesia’s combat system is mainly more complex than it first appears thanks to the combination of parrying ways and the inflexibility provided by capacities.

You can upgrade your dagger parry two ways, either make the parry window bigger or smaller. If you choose to make the parry window bigger, the damage you reflect back upon the enemy will be less. If you are confident enough, you can make your parry window smaller which will reflect more damage back to enemies.

How To Block

To block in Thymesia, players need to unlock the talent from the deflect menu. You will need one skill point to unlock the block option but that won’t completely negate the enemy damage. Blocking in this game only reduces the damage you take from the enemy. Even if you have fully upgraded the talent.

How To Dodge

Just like the block you need to unlock the dodge from the talent tree. After unlocking the dodge from the talent tree, your character will be able to leap two times. There are two types of dodge the shorter but faster one and the other one is a long leap but a bit slower. You can choose to select anyone depending on your playstyle.

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