Thymesia How To Level Up Fast & Gain Extra Memory Shards


Thymesia is an action role-playing souls game developed by OverBorder Studio. Just like any other souls game you need to level up your character to make him stronger. To level up your character you will need a resource called memory shards. There are various ways to obtain these shards and below you will find some tips on how to level up your character faster.

Thymesia How To Level Up Fast

Beacons are the points or resting locations in the game where you can level up your character and unlock talents. Resting near these beacons will fully heal your character and replenish all your potions. But it also resurrects enemies which is a good thing as you will get more memory shards defeating them repeatedly.

Memory shards in this game act as a currency that is required to level up your character. While leveling up at the beginning of the game will be quite easy as you won’t need a lot of memory shards but after reaching level 30 you will require thousands of shards to level up.

Repeating an area for a few minutes or completing the subquests in this game multiple times will also help you obtain resources and memory shards that will help you level up faster.

Thymesia How To Get More Memory Shards

In this game, you will be able to craft various types of potions and one such potion is called Focus. The resources required to craft a focus potion are Rosemary, Mint, and Thyme. Crafting this potion and then consuming it will grant you a buff of increased memory shards drop by 10% which will help you to level up faster.

The collection of memories is the bundle of memory shards that need to be opened from the item menu to get a bunch of memory shards. These memory shards then can be used near a beacon to level up your character. Collection of memories can be obtained by defeating enemies, mini-bosses, and bosses. These collections of memories come in different levels and the higher the level, the more memory shards you will obtain after using them.

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