Thymesia How To Get Plague Weapon & Upgrade Them


In Thymesia apart from your normal weapons, you will also be able to use various different types of plague weapons by stealing from your enemies or later unlocking them permanently. Each weapon has its own unique stats and skills that will help you take down monsters as per your game style. Below you will find all the plague weapons, and how to get and upgrade them.

Plague Weapon List

There is a total of 21 plague weapons the list is:

  • Handaxe – Flying Axe
  • Knife – Blitz Attack
  • Halberd – Sweep Attack
  • Shield –  Shield Attack
  • Bow – Rapid Fire
  • Scythe – Double Slash
  • Hammer – Whirlwind
  • Flying Daggers – Bullseye
  • Katar – Leap
  • Fist – Air Attack
  • Whip – Pulling
  • Greatsword – Horizontal slash
  • Twin Swords – Rushing Slash
  • Blood Blade – Blood Strike
  • Miasma – Phantom Slash
  • Fool’s Punch – Slam
  • Mutated Tentacles – Relentless Attacks
  • Blood Storm – Roar
  • Vile Blood Shield – Revitalizing
  • Giant Sword – Final Combo
  • Javelin Sword – Energy Explosion

Thymesia How To Get Plague Weapons

There are two ways to obtain plague weapons, the first one is the easy one but will be for a temporary time. The second method is unlocking the plague weapon where you will have it permanently but will cost energy while using.

To obtain a plague weapon temporarily you need to hit the enemy with your fully charged claw weapon. To unlock a plague weapon permanently you will need to obtain the specific plague weapon skill shards. To unlock the plague weapon you will first need 3 skill shards of that particular plague weapon and you can upgrade it 5 more times. Each time you upgrade your plague weapon it will cost you 3 skill shards.

Skill shards can be obtained by defeating an enemy. If you defeat an enemy using the plague weapon Bow, he might drop the skill shard of Bow and once you collect 3 of them you can unlock it by going to the plague weapon menu.

At the beginning of the game, you will be able to use only 1 plague weapon. But after unlocking talent from the talent tree you will be able to equip 2 plague weapons. Upgrading your plague weapons gives you a lot of advantages because by upgrading a plague weapon to level 4 or fully maxing it out, you will unlock some extended action and secondary attributes.

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