Thymesia All Potion, Recipe List & Resouces Required To Make


In Thymesia to increase your character health, you need to use potions. Just like any other soul game potions are a great boon to your character that gives a certain buff, and increases the health bar or mana bar. Thymesia has a unique potion system that includes adding ingredients to your potion that will increase its potency.

Thymesia Potion Guide

There are three different types of potions in this game which are:

  • General Potion – Unlocked by default, restores 150 HP, and can be used three times at level 1.
  • Long Lasting Potion – Unlocked by defeating Odur boss, restores 300 HP and can be used three times at level 1
  • Fast Acting Potion – Unlocked by defeating the Hanged queen, restore 100HP, and can be used 5 times at level 1.

Note: You can upgrade these potions till level 4 which also increases the number of times you can use these potions and the amount of HP it restores.

To access these potions your need to interact with the potion table that you can visit by interacting with a beacon. Now you can equip only one type of potion and each potion type has its own benefit.

The best thing is you can add ingredients to these potions that will also grant your character an extra buff. These ingredients can be obtained while exploring various areas and defeating enemies. There are various types of ingredients like life, toughness, strength, and energy. Combining these ingredients forms a recipe that increases your potion effect.

Thymesia All Potions Recipe

Circulation (Recover 5 Health Every Second) – Fennel + Oregano + Clove

Focus (Increase Memory Shards Drop Rate By 10%) – Rosemary + Mint + Thyme

Refreshing (Recover 3 Energy Every Second) – Fennel + Oregano + Mint

Pain Relief (Reduces Damage Intake By 10%) – Rosemary + Clove + Lavender

Warming Up (Increase Damage By 10%) – Black Pepper + Garlic + Basil

Four Thieves Vinegar (Increase Maximum Health By 100) – Rosemary + Sage + Thyme

Sweating (Gain 1 Stack Of “Offensive” Buff) – Black Pepper + Cinnamon + Mint

Courage (Gain A Stack Of “Defensive” Buff) – Black Pepper + Lavender + Mint

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